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Welcome to DroneBC, your trusted partner in transforming modern agriculture through cutting-edge drone technology. Based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, we are proud to serve the agricultural communities of both Canada and the United States. Our mission is to empower farmers and agronomists with real-time aerial insights, enabling them to make informed decisions that boost crop yields and improve crop quality.

About Us

Our technology


Our state-of-the-art agricultural drone technology is at the forefront of innovation. We have developed a comprehensive suite of services that use drones to survey farms, providing critical data on plant health, soil variations, and more. With our technology, farmers and agronomists have direct access to real-time aerial views and data, right at their fingertips.

How we help farmers?

We understand the challenges farmers face in today's ever-changing agricultural landscape. That's why our services are designed to make a tangible difference. Here's how we help:


Precision Farming: By farm mapping, we enable farmers to identify variations in plant health and soil conditions with unmatched precision. This information empowers them to make targeted decisions, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Timely Determinations: Our drone technology provides agronomists and contract seed growers with timely data that directly impacts seed yields and quality. This means fewer guesswork and more informed choices.

Crop Management: We assist in optimizing crop management by tracking crop health throughout the growing season. This allows for proactive measures to address issues before they become major problems.

Resource Efficiency: Our technology promotes the responsible use of resources by helping farmers apply fertilizers, pesticides, and water precisely where needed, reducing environmental impact.


Our Services

Asses Damage

In case of severe weather, our drone imagery helps secure insurance payouts


 Area or distance measurements anywhere on your land with farm mapping

Manage Fertilizers

We help you manage fertilizer applications and minimize waste


Aerial images put together to provide a comprehensive view of your farm

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